Feb 12 2010


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Kirok is my web-based information system that I feel compelled to write because none of the information systems out there do what I want the way I want to do it. True, some can be crowbarred into doing what I want, but that would probably take more time and research than just writing one myself.

So this is the Kirok project – using LAMPerl. I will be publishing design notes and progress here until Kirok is sufficiently along to use it to manage the project – which is why Kirok is being written in the first place. I intend this project to be open source, so I’ll probably be putting it up on SourceForge before too long, but otherwise it’s GPL.


Kirok” was the personae taken by James T. Kirk while suffering from amnesia in the Star Trek episode “The Paradise Syndrome.” Shatner’s stunning over-acting in this episode evolved into a running gag with my circle of engineers at Compaq to freqently chant “I am Kirok!” or yell “I…I am Kirok! I am Kirooook!”

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