Feb 12 2010

Kirok Is Alive!

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So I’ve decided to start up my web-based information system project up again. It’s called Kirok and I started doing some pretty heavy work on it a few years ago as an exercise to learn LAMPhp, and got pretty far as getting a good security framework in place and the rudementary blogging logic. I got stuck in analysis paralysis on how to┬áredline documents, and then I got all busy with the college thing so Kirok went the way of the Dodo.

Since I’m looking for a new job, it makes sense to showcase some analytical and programming skills on the web so companies can try-before-they buy. So Kirok lives! Only, this time, I’m going to do it using LAMPerl, so I’m starting over. I’m keeping my MySQL data tables thus far – but after examing them I’ve got the what was I thinking?! blues – so I’m taking it real slow.

I’ll be creating a new page here for the Kirok project until I get Kirok itself bootstraped, and then it will move over there. You can check it out at http://kirok.org.

Please ask me questions.

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