Dec 26 2007

WordPress Now Online

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With the writer’s strike, I’ve been following a lot of blogs around the writing scene. And while my own Kirok CMS is permanently stalled, I’ve decided to use a canned blogging package so I can (finally) get some words down. I’ve noticed that a lot of professional writers are using WordPress and that’s a good enough endorsement for me.

I’m wanting to make great strides on my writing style, quality, and quantity, so I’m going to write something every day in January, and hopefully beyond that. In order to do that, I will need to get my blog site up to snuff. WordPress seems to be a fairly good blogging system, only there doesn’t seem to be any inherent privacy support other than marking a post as private individually. I would really rather there be a way to mark a category as private, and then anything that’s posted there be invisible to anyone but me. I suppose I’ll have to write a plugin to make that happen, since all the ones on the WordPress site are pretty lame or don’t seem to work all that well. Nothin’ new there.

If you’re looking for my wiki you can find it here.

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