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Jan 31 2014

Hexagon geometry well understood

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Well, it seems that since my first attempt at doing hexagon geometry circa 2000, a lot has been said on the subject, and it appears that the best work was done prior to that. This is a well understood problem – so there’s no need for me to re-create the wheel, so I’m going to use established sources for my hexagon package, give proper credit, and leave it at that.

The next project will be drydock – – which is an XML schema and toolkit for working with playing chit design and structure. The idea is that chits in the game are specified in XML – but have to conform not only to an XML schema, but to the game design rules. It should be impossible to create a chit that can deliver infinite damage and at the same time be indestructible. Game balance is key – with strengths come weaknesses – et cetera.

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Dec 06 2010

Visual Automata Simulator

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This is a way-cool little app to help build automata. As a big fan of automata, I’m looking forward to pull this apart:

Many thanks to Jean Bovet of BEA systems for giving this to the world.

Update: fixed URL.

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Feb 12 2010

Kirok Is Alive!

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So I’ve decided to start up my web-based information system project up again. It’s called Kirok and I started doing some pretty heavy work on it a few years ago as an exercise to learn LAMPhp, and got pretty far as getting a good security framework in place and the rudementary blogging logic. I got stuck in analysis paralysis on how to┬áredline documents, and then I got all busy with the college thing so Kirok went the way of the Dodo.

Since I’m looking for a new job, it makes sense to showcase some analytical and programming skills on the web so companies can try-before-they buy. So Kirok lives! Only, this time, I’m going to do it using LAMPerl, so I’m starting over. I’m keeping my MySQL data tables thus far – but after examing them I’ve got the what was I thinking?! blues – so I’m taking it real slow.

I’ll be creating a new page here for the Kirok project until I get Kirok itself bootstraped, and then it will move over there. You can check it out at

Please ask me questions.

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May 02 2008

Monkey Love : Best Practices

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Here’s what I have to deal with. Some of the offshore people come State-side for a few weeks every so often to get better access to the development group here. One of them who was recently here is a person who treads through much of the same code I do, and does some really strange things. Like this:

char p[ 10 ];
*p = ‘\0’;
strcpy( p, “String\0” );

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Apr 25 2008

Monkey Love

There is a classic Warner Brothers cartoon featuring Daffy Duck as a salesman who upgrades Elmer Fudd’s house with “modern” appliances. Daffy takes Elmer around demonstrating all the “improvements” which always result in something being destroyed. In one segment, Daffy poses this question:

Daffy: I bet you’re tired of looking at those dirty windows!

Elmer: Well, I …

Daffy: We can take care of that! (Daffy presses a button. A robot appears which completely bricks up the window, then disappears.) There! Now you never have to look at those dirty windows any more!

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Jan 22 2008

Coining a Phrase : Monkey Love

I do programming for a living, and right now I’m dealing with a lot of bad programmers. I mean really, really bad programmers. I’m speaking of the “Teach yourself C++ in a weekend” caliber people, who do not know anything about programming, strategy, logic, or any design sense whatsoever and they’re coding away. I have to review that code. And fix it. That’s my job. It sucks. Continue Reading »

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Jan 07 2008

Old School Culture – “The Last Bug”

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“But you’re out of your mind,”
They said with a shrug.
“The customer’s happy;
What’s one little bug?”

But he was determined.
The others went home.
He spread out the program,
Deserted, alone.

The cleaning men came,
The whole room was cluttered
With memory-dumps, punch cards.
“I’m close,” he muttered.

The mumbling got louder,
Simple deduction,
“I’ve got it, it’s right,
Just change one instruction.”

It still wasn’t perfect,
As year followed year,
And strangers would comment,
“Is that guy still here?”

He died at the console,
Of hunger and thirst.
Next day he was buried,
Face down, nine-edge first.

And the last bug in sight,
An ant passing by,
Saluted his tombstone,
And whispered, “Nice try.”

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Dec 30 2007

Real Private Post plugin

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There are many security plugins and various schemes for making posts visible/invisible based on user levels, etc. I need something much simpler. I want to specify a category as being “private”. If so, then any post or page assigned to that category is automatically marked “private” without me having to set it so in the post status.

To do this will be very simple in concept. Every time a post is created, updated, or status changed I will check to see if it belongs to any “private” category, and if so, make sure the post status is “private” before it goes to the database if necessary.

From what I’ve been able to glean from the plugin docs, I think I need to provide hooks for the following actions:

  1. private_to_published
  2. publish_page
  3. publish_post
  4. save_post

Besides providing a configuration page for the admin to specify the private categories. There are probably other actions that need tweaking in a “filter” mode – to make sure that the private categories don’t appear on the home page etc. unless the current user has posts that belong to those categories. This will also mean putting some kind of icon next to the category box on the post page to indicate it as being private.

I believe this approach to be the most economical and requires the least amount of intrusion into the WP core functionality, as well as much less juggling.

More to come.

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