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Mar 06 2018

Danger, Will Robinson! The new Lost In Space is here.

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Mar 31 2011

First “no touch” ride today

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Today marks the first time I was able to ride the 40 miles from my apartment in Sugar Land to my parking garage at HP without having to put my foot down. There were a couple of “creeping” moments, but I never actually stopped. Go me.

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Mar 28 2009

The McKee Story Seminar

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I spent last weekend at the Robert McKee Story Seminar here in New York City. You may recall that I wanted to do this seminar in Los Angeles last September, but the offshoring bastards I worked for had other plans – in that they layed me off making the whole expense somewhat fiscally unwise, and even though I found new employment in good time, I had no paid days off to attend. An interesting note is that my original flight to L.A. was cancelled becauase of weather, which means I would have missed most of the first day of the seminar anyway.

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Dec 30 2008

I’m in the credits! I’m somebody now!

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That’s a weak cribbing of the famous Steve Martin line from The Jerk where he goes bananas because he’s in the phone book. Well, it’s important to see your name in print, because it means that in some small way you’ll be remembered for something you did.  I just finished downloading the Star Trek Phase II episode I worked on in the Summer of 2007, and they just got around to releasing the first part of it. As I have been severely sleep deprived since coming to New York, I’ve just taken 2.5 mg  of Zolpidem and fading fast. So I skipped to the credits and there I am – listed first in the production crew credits. Woo Hoo!

While my work on this episode was rather gut-wrenching because of the intense homosexual bent both in the subject matter and the director – it was still fun and I accomplished all I wanted to – which was to see how films are made. But, I do need to do another episode so it will be totally fun without having to bite my lip so much as the director stands on his soap box declaring how he is going to save the world from homophobia with a Star Trek fan film.  Ulp – sorry – I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Keep the faith. L8er.

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Jun 11 2008

No Trek After All; McKee Instead

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Well, my good friend over at ST:P2 has informed me that there will be very little to do so far as shooting goes during the time that I planned on being there. And he should know, since he’s the new director. That is, new after the old director dropped out of the project after being given an ultimatum, but, that’s not for you to know anything about, so I’m telling no more.

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May 22 2008

I’m Going to Make Star Trek After All

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The problem: Southwest Airlines changed their Rapid Reward policy. Now it’s more of a “Not so fast” Reward. It used to be that once you completed 16 one-way flights on Southwest you would get a free trip anywhere Southwest flies. Essentially, if there was an open seat on a plane, you could have it. Now they have what are called “Standard Rewards” and “Freedom Awards.” The “Freedom Awards” work like Rapid Rewards used to work, and the Standard Rewards are extremely limited. In fact, you can hardly find a flight to use it on, and all the flights I did find were on off days at 6am. Pure crap. Further, Freedom Awards are twice as costly as Standard Rewards, in that it takes two round-trip Standard Awards to get a Freedom Award.

Southwest, you suck.

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Mar 21 2008

Some Days You Just Know That God Is Looking Out For You

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Thursday was a very stressful day. The kind of day that by the time it was over I felt that I’d been strained through a chain-link fence and served over ice. So many things could have gone wrong that it would have been Calvinesque:

One of those days

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Jan 17 2008

Old Friends and the Information Age

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We certainly live in interesting times, and I don’t mean the Chinese curse sense.

A couple of days ago, out of the blue, an old friend I haven’t seen in ten years calls me up and says he wants to talk to me about a startup he’s doing, and I say sure, and so we have dinner at a burger joint and spend the next four hours talking about business, politics, and basically picking up where we left off. We leave with him having a better feeling about his business and me having a better feeling about my wallet and now the Next Thing is firing up.

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Jan 14 2008

Month of Writing is a Bust

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Well, I totally blew that project. I have not been able to keep up with my writing commitment, which says something about my dedication, time management, or both. Probably both.

School is starting tomorrow, and I think this semester is going to be equal amounts of suck and cool. Cool because I have stats and finance, two classes which everyone else seems to choke on, but look pretty good to me. Suck because I have to give inordinate amounts of time to this entrepreneurial program through fund raising, meetings, et cetera, all while holding down my (full time) day job and keeping my wife from going insane.

In other news,  the private cast and crew calls for New Voyages is coming to a close, which means they’re going to open it up for general call. Since I’m a legacy, I should be invited back to this one, which is at the end of June. I do so want to do this shoot. The director seems very savvy, cool, cares about Trek, and most importantly is not David Gerrold. The story seems very cool as well, since they are revisiting the story from Shore Leave (TOS Season 1) and doing some location work at the Vasquez Rocks plus some exteriors in the woods surrounding “The Shoot” (Sorry, the location of the studio is a closely guarded secret.) Also, the timing is perfect as it’s during the summer break and I can’t attend summer school (a two-edged sword, believe me.)

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Jan 04 2008

Weekend Assignment #196

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Weekend Assignment #196: Now that the WGA strike has had lots of time to affect the prime time television schedules, how is it affecting you as a viewer? What show do you miss most, aside from reruns? Do you miss your weekly appointment with that ill-behaved doctor, or your visits to Wisteria Lane? Does it bother you not to laugh at fresh jokes on your favorite sitcom? Or are you just as happy watching reality shows, or new episodes of shows that have been held back until now? We want to know!

Extra Credit: how are you spending the time instead?

I have a full-time job as a programmer (read: > 40 hours a week), taking 9 SCH at the University of Houston, a wife and three children under 10. To wit, I don’t have time to watch much television and what I do watch I usually have to tape and watch later (and the only reason I haven’t bought a TiVo is that I just can’t get past the startup costs – but they’re dropping all the time so maybe soon.)

What I watch (taped) on a regular basis is Big Bang Theory, House, Boston Legal, Chuck, Bionic Woman, and Journeyman. What I make time for is Are you smarter than a 5th grader? for daddy-daughter time on the couch. I used to be a BIG Law & Order viewer, but the show has lost its way and needs to die. My wife and I usually watch Netflix after the kids have gone to bed, and I “catch up” on my television during the weekend. The bottom line is that if I miss a show – no loss. Hence, since things are in re-runs, that frees up more time for me and my family! I have at least 15 books in my stack that I need to get to – less TV means more reading time.

It was well reported that all the studios were green lighting most every project in the pipe in anticipation of the strike. Most of it is utter crap that I don’t have time to sit and watch anyway, so it just goes on without my noticing. I can’t stand reality TV, and the only game show on that can capture my interest is Deal or No Deal, and only if there’s a $1-$1M split on the board – mainly because I would like to witness someone actually winning the $1M.

It does not bother me that shows are in reruns other than it means that the strike is still on, and that means “real” folks are hurting. I really wish the studios would pull their heads out of their collective asses and just do the Right Thing. I think it’s time for a consumer strike. You can watch television, but actively boycott the advertised products by contacting the advertisers and telling them you’re boycotting because of the strike. Don’t go to see any movies at the theater, but renting is okay. You’ll save a lot of personal cash, and hit these bastards where they live. Just one week of this and see how quickly they run – run mind you – back to the bargaining table. The same tactic could be used to break the RIAA.

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