Mar 06 2018

Danger, Will Robinson! The new Lost In Space is here.

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Jan 09 2017

Spec Adidas Ad Fantastic Analog for Democrat Oppression

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May 01 2015

EDSAC Rebuild (Cambridge University’s 1st Computer) – Computerphile – YouTube

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Jul 17 2014

Building Google V8 from source on RHEL 6

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I have a need to start working heavily in javascript/jquery/node under linux. The consensus seems to be that Google’s V8 is the javascript engine to use. To do this, I have to compile V8 from sources and to do that under RHEL is problematic. I’ve listed the steps I had to go through over at my wiki.

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Jan 31 2014

Hexagon geometry well understood

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Well, it seems that since my first attempt at doing hexagon geometry circa 2000, a lot has been said on the subject, and it appears that the best work was done prior to that. This is a well understood problem – so there’s no need for me to re-create the wheel, so I’m going to use established sources for my hexagon package, give proper credit, and leave it at that.

The next project will be drydock – – which is an XML schema and toolkit for working with playing chit design and structure. The idea is that chits in the game are specified in XML – but have to conform not only to an XML schema, but to the game design rules. It should be impossible to create a chit that can deliver infinite damage and at the same time be indestructible. Game balance is key – with strengths come weaknesses – et cetera.

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Jun 10 2011

WIR: Catholic Apologetics on Revelations

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A cornerstone of Protestant salvation teaching is based on the visions of St. John in the Book of Revelations. While this is a great source for horror writers, it is more potent fodder still for Protestant apologetics who use its vague and surrealistic symbolism to justify just about any point of view they care to opine.

During my journey to becoming a Catholic, this topic was merely touched upon and only to the point that 666 was the number for Nero. Interesting enough – but what about everything else? The seven seals, the pit, the battle between Satan and God? All steeped and surrounded by mysticism and obfuscating language that doesn’t quite rise to prose or poetry. One would think that a Revelation from God in such an inspired writing and on such an important topic would be more direct and clear.

In this, I’m seeking the answers to two specific questions:

  1. Does the Rapture exist in Catholic teaching
  2. Is the soul consumed in the fires of Hell

The first question is whether all the Protestant talk of the Rapture can be ignored. So far as I know, the Rapture does not happen in the Catholic understanding of Revelation, and so it would be just another tool that Protestants use to discredit the Church and frighten non-believers to come-on-down and accept Jesus as your “personal” Lord and Savior, and not be “Left Behind.”

The second question is a search for truth in the nature of God. That is, if the wicked really are burned forever in the fires of Hell, then what would be the point? The purpose of Hell is punishment, and the purpose of punishment is improvement. What is gained by God or the Damned if there is no hope for either eventual salvation or non-existence? Specifically, if the wages of Sin is Death, wouldn’t Death be the opposite of Eternal Life, or non-existence? While it might serve our Schadenfreude to believe that the wicked are eternally tortured and therefore eternally regretful for their sins, it doesn’t philosophically jibe with the idea of a purely Benevolent God that manifests Infinite Mercy. While it is not for men to judge God or stoop to the hubris to believe they can know the Mind of God, what would be gained to listen to the cries of the Damned for all eternity? Justice would be served by only one of two outcomes:

  1. The Damned are eventually reconciled with God after the Apocalypse, or
  2. The Damned are eventually consumed by the Hellfire and cease to exist

It is a function of the Church to answer such questions. So I obtained a copy of Apocalypse : A Catholic Perspective on the Book of Revelation on the subject that has the imprimatur of Church, which should provide some insight. I’ll posts updates here on what I learn.

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Mar 31 2011

News Flash! – Texas Cheaper than New York

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Got my first full paycheck from HP today. Even though I took a $25K pay cut, I have $400 more in my paycheck. Yeah, New York bites.

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Mar 31 2011

First “no touch” ride today

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Today marks the first time I was able to ride the 40 miles from my apartment in Sugar Land to my parking garage at HP without having to put my foot down. There were a couple of “creeping” moments, but I never actually stopped. Go me.

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Mar 30 2011

Back Online and in Texas!

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My attempt to auto-update wordpress just prior to my departure from Bloomberg FUBAR’d my website – and I’ve only just had the time to bring it back up. Also, I’m back at Compaq (now HP) in Houston, working pretty much in my old group. More to come.

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Dec 06 2010

Visual Automata Simulator

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This is a way-cool little app to help build automata. As a big fan of automata, I’m looking forward to pull this apart:

Many thanks to Jean Bovet of BEA systems for giving this to the world.

Update: fixed URL.

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