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Scintillating scotoma log

Stella Artois Buy a Lady a Drink

Walther PPK

Tricky C Questions

Peg Game

You Don't Know JS

signet ring


Perky Fifties Background Music



Prior Addresses


I went to the theater
to see a musical play and
my daughter told me of a pair of boots
she had seen shopping that day
but I thought the heel was too high
for a girl of eighteen
so I asked the woman sitting next to me
if she felt the heel was too high
she said no and that she liked the boots
and as the play ran through
I could smell her perfume
and wanted so badly to hold her hand
and in that moment for the first time
in a very long time
I was lonely.

Joan's Favorite Things

First Job - Donut shop for one whole day.

  • Dream job - SAHM
  • Favorite foot attire - flip flops
  • Favorite candy - Reeses or gummy bears
  • Favorite ice cream- strawberry
  • What are you listening to - tv
  • Favorite Pizza - extra cheese, Canadian bacon, green olives, mushrooms, light sauce
  • Favorite Movie - The Color Purple
  • Favorite TV show - Anything on Investigation Discovery
  • Favorite day of the week - Saturday
  • Favorite flower - Tulips
  • Tattoos - 6
  • Piercings - ears only used to have belly button
  • Like to cook - sure
  • Favorite color - purple
  • Gold or silver - silver
  • Do you like vegetables? -Yes
  • Do you wear glasses? - only if I absolutely have to
  • Favorite season - Winter
  • Dream travel destination - Maldives
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