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Law & Order

Title Episode Writers Air Date Comments
"The Corporate Veil" S03E04 Michael S. Chernuchin
Joe Morgenstern
10/14/1992 An 18-year-old boy dies from a faulty pacemaker. The investigation is very good.
"Animal Instinct" S03E18 Michael S. Chernuchin
Sibyl Gardner
3/17/1993 A university scientist is murdered, allegedly over an affair her husband was having. Stone suspects later, however, that the alleged "mistress" may be delusional, and that there was no actual affair.
"American Dream" S04E08 Sibyl Gardner 11/9/1993 A convicted man is too clever for his own good. Very tight writing.
"Legacy" S07E10 Ed Zuckerman
Jeremy R. Littman
1/15/1997 A man secretly loves his best friend's wife - so he kills him to court his widow.
"Mad Dog" S07E18 Rene Balcer 4/4/1997 McCoy dogs a paroled serial rapist who he believes will rape again. Everyone defends the rapist - who is eventually stopped by the one that defended him the most.
"We Like Mike" S07E20 Gardner Stern
I.C. Rapoport
4/30/1997 A common man does the right thing at his own peril, because it's the right thing.
"Terminal" S07E23 Rene Balcer
Ed Zuckerman
5/21/1997 A man opens fire on a crowd, hoping to wound a woman to delay her from depositing a bad check.
"Divorce" S08E16 Barry M. Schkolnick 3/4/1998 A divorce lawyer commits murder to win a case against a rival divorce lawyer. Awesome writing and acting all around.
"Agony" S09E05 Kathy McCormick 11/4/1998 Serial murdered wiggles out of charges, only to be tricked into confessing by turning his narcissism against him. I don't care much for the Abbie Carmichael (Angie Harmon) character, but in this episode her Texan grit shines as she pushes for a conviction, loses, and ultimately agrees to McCoy's scheme to trick the perp into confessing to most everything else, which achieved the end of clever serial murderer going away forever. More credit to the writing, as usual, but Harmon's performance is almost enough to forgive her usual "strong bitch" approach. Almost.
"Punk" S09E08 Matt Witten
Richard Sweren
Matt Witten
11/25/1998 A female inmate arranges the murder of a prison guard who habitually rapes her. A bit heavy-handed at times, but the performance of the titular punk (Cara Buono) is compelling and sympathetic. A young woman over-prosecuted for a minor crime, put into prison, placed into an impossible position, and then over-prosecuted again by a prejudiced prosecutor who put her there in the first place. All surrounded by an apathetic justice system.
"Amends" S11E07 William N. Fordes 11/29/2000 A cop who helped conceal evidence to a girl's murder 20 years prior does the right thing. Best line: Amb. Sarno: (to McCoy) You're going to answer for this! McCoy: As will we all.
"Hubris" S11E09 Kathy McCormick
Wendy Battles
1/10/2001 A serial murderer succeeds in charming his way out of a conviction.
"The Ring" S13E05 Michael S. Chernuchins 11/6/2002 A skeleton discovered in an alley leads to a 9/11 scam.
"Hitman" S13E06 Eric Ellis Overmyer 11/13/2002 A complex murder mystery that has the DA's chasing their tails. Shows how easily it is to manipulate the system, since DA's never really look further than their noses.
"Identity" S14E06 Janis Diamond 11/5/2003 An octogenarian murders a man who stole his identity. A strong story, but the jewels are the performances of the seniors.
"Doped" S20E08 Richard Sweren
Christopher Ambrose
11/6/2009 A co-worker spikes a mother's nasal spray, causing her to drive the wrong-way and kill herself and the children in the car. Solid writing.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Title Episode Writers From Story Air Date Comments
"Triggers in Leash" S01E03 Richard Card (tele)
Allan Vaughan Elston (story)
"Alfred Hitchcock's Fireside Book of Suspense"
Simon & Schuster, January 1947
10/16/1955 Two gun-slingers wait for the other to make the first move.
"Salvage" S01E06 Richard Carr (tele)
Fred Freiberger (tele & story)
"The Long Wait"
"Suspense" OTR, November 1949
11/6/1955 An ex-con can't take revenge until his victim has a reason to live.
"The Long Shot" S01E09 Harold Swanton OFTS 11/27/1955 A gambler murders and assumes the identify of a man who has already been murdered.
"The Derelicts" S01E19 Robert C. Dennis (tele)
Terence Maples (story)
OFTS 2/5/1956 Colorful characters and one of the best twists.
"Whodunit" S01E26 Francis M. Cockrell (tele)
Marian B. Cockrell
C.B. Gilford (play)
"Who Dunnit?" 3/25/1956 Interesting camp where a murdered mystery writer is allowed to re-live his last day to figure out "whodunit." Best line: "All mystery writers go to heaven."
"Help Wanted" S01E27 Robert C. Dennis (tele)
Mary Orr (adapt)
Reginald Denham (adapt)
Stanley Ellin (story)
"The Cat's Paw"
"Mystery Stories"
Simon & Schuster, 1956
4/1/1956 A rich man coerces the desperate husband of an ill wife to kill his blackmailer, and has covered all the angles except one.
"Never Again" S01E30 Gwen Bagni (tele)
Irwin Gielgud (tele)
Stirling Silliphant (tele)
Adela Rogers St. Johns (story)
"Never Again"
"Never Again and Other Stories"
Doubleday, 1949
4/22/1956 A recovering drunk falls off the wagon with disastrous consequences.
"None Are So Blind" S02E05 James P. Cavanagh (tele)
John Collier (story)
"None Are So Blind"
The New Yorker, March 31, 1956
10/28/1956 A narcissist executes a perfect murder - only to be tripped up by his own vanity. The camera work is the thing here, with hints of "Rope".
"Crack of Doom" S02E09 Robert C. Dennis (tele)
Don Marquis (story)
"The Crack of Doom"
Collier's, Sept 6, 1930
11/25/1956 A business man recounts what cured him of gambling.
"One for the Road" S02E23 Robert C. Dennis (tele)
Emily Neff (story)
"Partner in Crime" 3/3/1957 A two-timing husband two-times once to many.
"I Killed the Count (Pt1)"

"I Killed the Count (Pt2)"
"I Killed the Count (Pt3)"



Francis M. Cockrell (tele) Alec Coppel (play) 3/17/1957


A count is murdered, with four people confessing to the crime, each with corroboration, motive, and opportunity.
"Mail Order Prophet " S03E02 Robert C. Dennis (tele)
Antony Ferry ( (story)
"The Strange Case of the Mail-Order Prophet"
Maclean's Magazine, April 15, 1954
10/13/1957 A mail-order scheme targets a man who uses it to his advantage.
"The Perfect Crime" S03E03 Stirling Silliphant (tele)
Ben Ray Redman (story)
"The Perfect Crime"
Harper's Magazine, August 1928
10/20/1957 A narcissistic detective is proven wrong, and must commit the perfect murder.

The Saint

Title Episode Writers From Story Air Date Comments


Ranked in order of how they make me cry / laugh.

  1. Coke - Security cams capture "good" things to Supertramp's "Give a little bit.
  2. Embrace Life - Just, just watch it. You'll understand.
  3. HP - Baby in stroller taking to the road to visit his grandparents' to Melanie's "Brand new key.
  4. Oscar Meyer - Boy sitting on dock with toy fishing rod singing the praises of his sandwich.
  5. UofPhoenix - The Scarecrow's lament gets a makeover about persistence and guts.
  6. Old Spice - "I believe in my smelf.
  7. Volkswagen - Boy in Darth Vader costume tries to master the force.
  8. Volkswagen - Man in meeting has an a-ha moment.
  9. Verizon - Girl actually gets a pony for Christmas.
  10. Subaru - Father coaches his four-year-old daughter on driving alone.
  11. Xerox - Coach sends a winning play out at the last second.
  12. Malt-o-Meal - Good Stuff, Maynard
  13. Life Savers - 'Do it again, daddy.'
  14. John West - Man fights bear for salmon
  15. Isuzu - All the Joe Isuzu commercials were great.
  16. State Farm - All the "nevers" in life.
  17. Mitsubishi - Start the commotion.


  1. Powerthirst
    1. Powerthirst 2

House M.D.

Title Episode Writers Air Date Comments
"Three Stories" S01E21 David Shore 5/17/2005 House teaches a diagnostics class and presents three case studies of leg pain, one of which is his own.
"Lines in the Sand" S03E04 David Hoselton 9/26/2006 House cures a severely autistic boy, feeling more for the parents who have to deal with the difficult child that the child. Until the child says 'Thank you' in the best way he could. <tears>
"Merry LIttle Christmas" S03E10 Liz Friedman 12/12/2006 House treats the daughter of a dwarf, but it turns out the daughter isn't a dwarf. One of the best arguments against the Proud attitude I've ever witnessed.


Title Episode Writers Air Date Comments
"Columbo" S0xExx  ? mm/dd/yyyy



In descending order of funny.

Title Release Date Comments
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 5/23/1975
Young Frankenstein 12/15/1974
Airplane! 7/2/1980
Christmas Vacation 1/29/1964
City Slickers 6/7/1991
Clerks 11/4/1994
Dr. Strangelove 12/1/1989
Father of the Bride 12/20/1991
The Blues Brothers 6/20/1980
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 12/2/1963
Planes, Trains & Automobiles 11/25/1987
Blazing Saddles 2/7/1974
Tommy Boy 3/31/1995
Murder by Death 6/23/1976

Science Fiction

Title Release Date Comments
The Lost Room 12/11/2006


Title Release Date Comments
Up in the Air 12/30/2009 People who have experienced unemployment will feel it harder, but absolutely wonderful (and book.)
Glengarry Glenn Ross 10/02/1992
Chasing Amy 4/18/1997
Pulp Fiction 10/14/1994
Inglourious Basterds 8/21/2009
Fight Club 10/15/1999
The Martian 10/2/2016

Romantic Comedy

Title Release Date Comments
Forget Paris 5/19/1995
When Harry Met Sally 7/21/1989

Action Adventure

Title Release Date Comments
Aliens 7/18/1986
Die Hard: With a Vengeance 5/19/1995
Angel's Dance 2/25/1999

Mystery / Thriller

Title Release Date Comments
The Last of Sheila 6/14/1973
Die Hard: With a Vengeance 5/19/1995
Dial M for Murder 5/29/1954
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