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This is a list of my all-time favorite commercials.

  1. Coke - Security cams capture "good" things to Supertramp's "Give a little bit." [1]
  2. HP - Baby in stroller taking to the road to visit his grandparents' to Melanie's "Brand new key." [2]
  3. Oscar Meyer - Boy sitting on dock with toy fishing rod singing the praises of his sandwich. [3]
  4. Old Spice - "I believe in my smelf." [4]
  5. Volkswagen - Boy in Darth Vader costume tries to master the force. [5]
  6. Volkswagen - Man in meeting has an a-ha moment. [6]
  7. Subaru - Father coaches his four-year-old daughter on driving alone. [7]
  8. Xerox - Coach sends a winning play out at the last second. [8]
  9. Good Stuff, Maynard [9]
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