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This is the portal to my notes for my college courses.


3.5 Plan

Three-point-five year plan, beginning Fall 2006 and ending Fall 2009. This plan assumes I'm accepted into the Entrepreneurship program.

SU'06FA'06 SP'07 FA'07 SP'08 FA'08 SP'09 FA'09
PSYC 2344 A
INTB 3350 A
GEOL 1330 A
DISC 2373 A
ENTR 3310 A
ENTR 4320 B+
ENTR 4330 A-
GENB 4350 A
INTB 3353 3
ENTR 4340 3
ENTR 4350 3
MANA 3335 3
ENTR 4360 3
MARK 3336 3
FINA 3332 3
INTB 3352 3
INTB 3351 3
DISC 3301 3
DISC 3331 3 3
Totals 69 6 9 12 9 9 9 9 9

GPA needs to be 3.75 or better for Summa Cum Laude (Graduation Info)

Spring 2008

Fall 2007

INTB 3351

Spring 2007



For some reason, the UH bookstore thinks its too soon to update their website to have the Spring catalog. So I'm looking at the college store website instead. Here's what it says I need:

  • GENB 4350 / Whisenant
    • Business Ethics (Ferrel), new only (whatever that mean$)

The entrepreneurship classes aren't listed in the catalog, so I have no idea what I need for those classes.


Enrollment day. The CEI classes run from 10-2:30 TTH, and I can't schedule a class 'tween because there are CEI things-to-do during that time. So to make my 9 SCR's I have to schedule them outside the CEI times. Interestingly enough, there are several "common" courses to the BBA which only meet once per week. After researching them on pick-a-prof, the most common grade awarded in two of these courses are 'A', so it seems I could gamble and take TWO of these courses which meet back-to-back on Mondays, and I score 12 SCR's for Spring 06. This will depend more on how much it costs to take 12 hours than 9. For the moment, here is my schedule:

13146 GENB 4350 1130-1300 M 160 MH WHISENANT
00378 INTB 3351 1300-1430 M 180 MH PRIEST
00845 ENTR 4320 1000-1130 TTH 248 MH JONES K
00846 ENTR 4330 1300-1430 TTH 256 MH HANSEN

This schedule has me going to school M from 11:30-14:30, and TTH from 10:00-14:30.


I made it! I was one of 36 students selected for the CEI Class of 2008. After two-hours of lecture about the program, it seems that there will be a further cut at the end of the Spring 2007 semester to 30 students. Those 30 earn their blue blazer and can continue on in the course. We'll see how I do! I can't enroll until Dec 1 (Friday) so more then.


I just enrolled in the not-CEI schedule, so make sure I have the classes. If I get into CEI, then I drop 00378 and 00379 and enroll in ENTR 4320/4330 instead. My only concern with the schedule is Prodan - who is from Romania and hasn't been teaching all that long. She's been in the U.S. for all of seven years, and so her accent has to be horrible. I am so tired of professors who can't speak english. She is so new that there are no reviews for her on pick-a-prof. But, maybe I'll be presently surprised.

CEI sent email last week that results will be posted outside 398-MH at 4pm on November 28. Waiting, waiting ...


Yesterday I completed my CEI interview, which also completes the application process for the program. Results are supposed to be out around Nov 30th.

If I get into CEI:

13146 GENB 4350 1130-1300 M 160 MH WHISENANT
00378 INTB 3351 1300-1430 M 180 MH PRIEST
 ????? ENTR 4320 1000-1130 TTH  ??? MH  ???
 ????? ENTR 4330 1300-1430 TTH  ??? MH  ???

This schedule has me going to school three days a week, but the third day is Monday from 11:00-13:30, and I get to use the HOV lane both directions, so it's like a long lunch. Should not be a problem. Otherwise, its Tuesdays from 9:30-16:30 and Thursdays from 9:30-15:00.

If I don't get into CEI:

13146 GENB 4350 1130-1300 M 160 MH WHISENANT
00378 INTB 3351 1300-1430 M 180 MH PRIEST
00380 INTB 3352 1430-1600 M 180 MH VARDY
00444 INTB 3353 1430-1600 T 103 SEC PRODAN

This schedule has me at school on Mondays from 11:00-16:30, and Tuesdays from 14:00-16:30.

Both of these schedules net me 12 SCR's.

Fall 2006

ENTR 3310

DISC 2373

GEOL 1330

Summer 2006

Researching distance summer classes, if I can take INTB 3350 during summer 1 and PSYC 2344 for my Writing Intensive requirement in summer 3, then I can move my graduation up one whole semester. Sweet!

00334INTB 3350INTRO TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINES0800-1000AMMTWTHSUM 1WALKER170-MH170 / 0INTB3350(2,44,45,49,58)

INTB 3350

  • Taught by William Walker - has no rating on pickaprof
  • Wild, J.J., Wild, K.L., & Han, J.C.Y. International Business: The Challenges of Globalization (3rd Ed.), Prentice-Hall, 2006. (ISBN 0-13-143275-3)

PSYC 2344

  • Taught by Herb Agan - rated 4.52 on pickaprof
  • Video purchase is $85.00
  • Article collection purchase from The College Store (3503 Elgin) - unknown
  • Johnson, Robert Owning Your Own Shadow Harper, San Francisco - about $12.00

Fall 2006

According to my 'advisor' - if they can really be called that since they don't advise very well - I can complete all my requirements, file my degree plan, and apply for the entrepreneurship program all in the same semester. Or, better put, I can apply for the program in the same semester that I'm completing my requirements. Hence, my Fall 2006 schedule is as follows:

DISC 2373
PHYS 1302
ENTR 3310


I went noodling around the natural science listings to see if there were any other natural science classes that I could take instead of physics. Physics is really kicking my ass, and the book is so bad that I do nothing else but study physics and I think that is going to hamstring me come this semester. Anyhow, I found out that there's a geology course that offered online. What this means is that I'm only taking two classes on campus and that reduces the amount of time I'm away from work (but not the family, I'm afraid). This, I think, is a wise course of action. I've discussed it with my advisor, who says I can take any two natural science classes on the "approved list", and this is one of them.

Hence, my new Fall 2006 schedule is:
PHYS 1302
ENTR 3310


Received a call from Brian Stephenson @ UH today regarding the Entrepreneurship program. He was most friendly and upbeat, and a pleasure to speak with. He answered my three burning questions in detail:

  1. How much extracurricular time is required with the program? Answer: Not much. There are three 'events' a semester (each about an hour or so long), and a one-weekend 'retreat' that are required. Other than that, everything else is manageable.
  2. How does the application process work? Answer: He comes to the ENTR 3310 class during the semester to pitch the program. Applicants submit a written application, and must perform a 'multi-media presentation' (powerpoint, video, etc.). Those that make the initial cut attend a two-day 'retreat' over a weekend where tasks and interviews are performed to glean the applicants down to the final 35 students to enter the program in the Spring.
  3. Do I have a chance given my age? Answer: Mr. Stephenson believes I have an advantage given my age and experience, since I 'get it' - that is, understand the business paradigm better than the average applicant.

So, it would seem, that the ENTR program is within my grasp. So long as eP continues to let me attend school during the day, I may actually achieve this goal.


Summer school? One of my into business classes is being given over the summer, so I could knock out my obeone class by taking that. Tuition is $154.75x3, plus $310.00 in required fees, plus $146.75 in class fees, for a grand total of $921.00 to take this ONE class. Now, if I can take the distance ed in the Fall along with everything else, I can roll it into the $310.00 in required fees I'm paying then, but that increases my work load considerably. Sigh.

Okay, for the Fall I am taking Physics (HARD), Comp and MIS (very easy), Into to Entr (medium). But this is an internet course, so I can work pretty much offline when I need to. Also, with the exception of ENTR, this is a light-reading semester, so I should have the time to take the extra class.

00334 INTB 3350 Introduction to International Env Business

Do this, and I cut my graduation down by one entire semester (worth it).


With registration starting in two weeks, UH has finally published the schedule for Fall. Given the three classes I need to complete my pre-bus AND make my application for ENTR, here is my schedule:

00497DISC2373INTRO TO COMPUTERS & MIS 1130-0100 TTHCOSSICK 150-MH 220 / 0DISC(1,44,58)

Working this schedule would mean basically a 6am-7pm schedule every day, being, to wake up at 6am every day, and on MWF (non-school days), go to the gym and be to work by 8am and work until 6-or-7pm, yielding a 10- or -11-hour day (30 hours minimum). On school days, still get up at 6am and be to work by 7am, work until 9am (2 hours), get to school by 10am, school until 2:30pm, back to work by 3-3:15pm (depending on traffic/weather), and work until 7pm, yielding a 6-hour day (12 hours). All told a 'typical' work week would be 42-hours or so, plus any additional time (weekends, etc.) to flush it all out.

It seems like I will never be home.

Spring 2006

Because of various economic reasons, I have decided to not attend classes during the Spring so I can afford a new mode of transportation. While riding to my last final exam in December, my motorcycle decided to konk out. It would have cost me more than $1300.00 to just diagnose the problem, which was not worth the bother. I sold the bike for $500.00 to someone with the inclination and resources to fix her, so I am once again sharing a car with my family. As I am expecting tuition reiumbursement from my company for last semester ($2500.00) and a decent non-zero tax return ($2000.00) this year, I should be able to afford a fairly decent bike. This will emancipate my family from having to take me to work, and will allow me to take the cheap road to school in the Fall.

I have two classes (PHYS 1302 and DISC 2373) that I must complete before I can file a degree plan, which I intended to do this Spring, to prepare me to take ENTR in the fall, in time to apply for the ENTR program which I (hopefully) would begin in Spring '07. As I understand it, that is, if the totally incompetent counseling staff at UH are speaking more than their usual half-truths, I can complete the two courses, take ENTR, file a degree plan, and apply for ENTR all in the same semester. If this is truly the case, then I will attempt to do that in the Fall.

This course pushes my acedemic career out one semester, so now I'm looking at graduation Spring 2010, or Fall 2009 if I can get an extra class in somewhere. Also, I might just study for the PHYS 1302 and try to CLEP it. If I can do this, then I can take my 'odd' class during the Fall and my graduation moves up one entire semester. Time will tell.

The Past

Spring Summer Fall
No Classes
  • DISC 2373
  • PHYS 1302
  • ENTR 3310
  • ACCT 2332
  • ECON 2305
  • GOVT 2301
  • MATH 1313
  • ACCT 2301
  • MATH 1314
  • PSYC 1300

Senior Honors Thesis

Senior Honors Thesis



Bauer College of Business

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