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Using clang/llvm with eclipse luna

Building Boost with MinGW gcc 4.8.1

  1. Download Boost 1.55.0 for Windows.
  2. Unzip to c:\tools\boost_1_55_0.
  3. Created hard link - mklink /J c:\tools\boost to c:\tools\boost_1.55.0
  4. Create system environment variable BOOST_ROOT with value c:\tools\boost.
  5. Build and install boost-build:
    1. cd c:\tools\boost\tools\build\v2
    2. .\bootstrap.bat gcc
    3. .\b2 --prefix=c:\tools\boost-build toolset=gcc
    4. Add c:\tools\boost-build\bin to system path.
  6. cd c:\tools\boost
  7. b2 --build-path="c:\tools\boost" --build-type=complete toolset=gcc
  8. Applied patch to MINGW winsock2.h to aleviate boost.asio error.
  9. Added compiler symbol _WIN32_WINNT=0x0601 to project in eclipse to make it happier.
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