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Elements that should be included:

  • The fool in regalia (of course) reading a tome.
  • Hand sculpture on desk in Vulcan salute holding a Rubik's cube.
  • Escher-influenced illusion
  • Obfuscated C program that outputs "Property of Garyl Hester. Cash reward for safe return. Inquire" when compiled and run.
#include <stdio.h>
typedef char c;
c*x="Oqnodqsx ne F`qxk Gdrsdq- B`rg qdv`qc enq r`ed qdstqm- Hmpthqd fgdrsdq?bncdennk-nqf";
void main(int a){if(--a){c d=*x++;putchar(d==' '?d:++d);};if(*x)main(2+a);}
  • The words "codefool" and "C0def001" obscured.
  • Elements that provide the sequence 3235835905 along a Fibonacci curve.
    • Tick marks or other markers in the border to indicate the cross points of said Fibonacci curve where the elements are located.
  • Stacks of books
  • One flower for each of my children, with some indication of Jarod's passing.
  • A crucifix.
  • Wall Calendar depicting the Fibonacci curve and showing December 1960, with the 14th blacked circled.
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